Image of Kay Urban

Kay Urban

Owner of Studio 906

Studio 906 started in 1971 as Top of the Stairs above Joanne's dress shop.  I purchased the salon from Veryl Scharer and what a wonderful career I have had. In 1976 we moved downstairs, across the street from the police station, and became Hair and Company.

Soon we out grew this location and in 1989, we purchased the building and changed our name again.  Studio 906 will be our permanent name and this location our home. This is a wonderful profession, as we can touch people's lives. It is such a terrific feeling to make someone feel beautiful and give them confidence. Thank you to everyone who has helped make Studio 906 successful. We look forward to seeing you soon.


I received my training from the Madison Academy of Beauty Culture in Madison in 1966. Through the years I  have attended advanced schools in California, Louisiana, New York, Canada, Chicago. When I purchased the salon in 1971, my mom, said aren't you going to take some classes and brush up on your skills?  I attended one training and I was hooked.  I could not get enough.   Education is the basis to continued success in the beauty industry.  We have 4-6 in salon training seminars with guest artists from around the world each year besides weekly team meetings to practice our craft, or ways to better serve you our guest.  Learning and using what we learn are the key ingredients to our success at  Studio 906.   I have always loved people, and making them look and feel great was always my goal, along with being the best hairdresser I could be.  As time went on, growing a team of hairdressers better than me became my goal.  I have achieved this goal over and over. I am truly blessed to have such a caring, talented team of woman.