Body Waxing

Arms                                                  $47

Brazilian                                            $63

Underarms                                         $35      

Bikini                                                  $45

Back                                                   $68

Half Leg                                            $42
    -with Bikini                                       90

Full Leg                                                $60
    -with Bikini                                       100

All prices subject to change without notice

Before any waxing service:
*You will need at least 10-14 days of hair growth.  
*If you have sensitive skin, do not drink alcohol or caffeine for 48 hours before your service.  
*It is best not to do waxing services during your menstrual cycle. 
*To prevent stinging we have "No Scream Cream," apply 45 minutes before waxing and you might even enjoy the treatment.